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Since very few reenactment units portray the actual troops who
fought at Walloomsac we are requesting participants to modify their
impressions (within reason) to reflect the original troops. Please
check the Clothing Guidelines below for more information.
Because the event is at a New York State site we are obliged to
follow their safety procedures. While these rules are very similar to
those already practiced by the Brigade of the American Revolution,
the British Brigade and the Continental Line they are nevertheless
published Here. Unit commanders are expected to be
completely familiar with them!
This is a BAR, BB & CL EVENT and all BAR, BB & CL members are
encouraged to attend. While certain select non affiliated units may be
invited, this is NOT an OPEN EVENT. No walk-ons. If you and/or
your regiment are not in the BAR, BB or CL or have not been
specifically invited and are not registered, do not come to the event.
ALL UNITS must REGISTER for the event. The sooner you register, the better. Registration
closes July 15, 2020
Non BAR units must submit proof of liability insurance with their
registration form.
Registering your regiment for this event implies that the members of
your unit agree to abide by the Black Powder Safety Rules, camp
regulations and clothing and appearance guidelines as set forth on
this website.

Merchants are welcome but must be BAR members.
Please be prepared to amalgamate. Every effort will be made to
ensure unit continuity but your regiment may be a part of a larger
division. Officers are asked to be prepared to serve with a musket if

Please follow the proper chain of command.
Overall and division command structure will be announced on this
website by April 1, 2020.

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